Greenwich University, Convocation 2010

Convocation 2010 - as seen by others:

It’s a pleasure being back in the same building where I once used to visit as a student only – Kinda nostalgic too. I am excited to lead the graduating students. The management and staff have been outstanding hosts.

Mr. Fouad Hussain
Managing Director
Mindshare Private Limtied
It is my first ever visit to Greenwich University – and I am simply impressed by the “quality of the facility”. The surroundings are absolutely conducive to learning and learning activities.

I wish the university great success in the ensuring years.

Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz
Chief Executive Office
Bank Alfalah
I wish to compliment Mrs. Seema Mughal and the team for well done job at Greenwich University. Keep it up and continue working for the cause of education in Pakistan.

Mr. S.M. Muneer
Din Group of Industries
Many congratulations to the faculty and students of Greenwich University! It is an honor to be here and I look forward to the students of Greenwich contributing towards the betterment of Pakistan.

Mr. Ali J. Siddiqui
JS group
The commitment of the Vice Chancellor and the management to principles is what impresses me most. The practical manifestation is the over siding emphasis on timeliness. May the university continue its emphasis on building character and competence.

Mr Hussain Dawood
The Dawood Group of Companies
I have been indirectly associated with Greenwich for the past couple of years as my sons Mohib & Asad are studying here. I have been truly impressed with the broad vision, aspirations and vigorous commitment of the faculty in academic excellence and imparting truly valuable, fundamentals of life to their student base. This convocation is an example of that commitment and I am honored to be a part of it.

Mr. Owais Akhmed Dagra
Chief Executive Officer
Stallion Textiles Private Limited
April is a difficult month of the year. But its major highlight in 2010 is the Greenwich Convocation with 350 students attending a convocation ceremony. It is the culmination of process that leads to heightened maturity, sobriety is the genesis of professionalism today 350 souls embark on a journey of self awareness and self development. Congratulations Greenwich University. Another milestone is your continued and un-abating progress.

Dr. Hameed Haroon
Chief Executive Officer
The Dawn Group
Wonderful University.

Dr. Saleem Shivani
Good Effort

Dr Sumera
An excellent effort of the Professors

Syed Arif Khalil
We wish you all the best for the future!

Strebone Habib
All the best.

Ejaz Ali Mangi
An excellent work. Keep it up. Agha and myself are very proud of GU.

Mrs Shiva
A proud day indeed!

Adnan Qazi Ali
A great day to have my brother graduating from Greenwich

Adnan Awan
A great and tremendous day for us for having our son graduating from here. Thank God.

Mrs Shamim Aleem
Handwork brings success and happiness.

Agha Badar
It’s great seeing Greenwich do so well ten years after graduating.

Tariq Ziad Khan
I wish all the students good luck.

Fehmina Arshad
Best of Luck

Bilal A Rehman
Congratulation and Good Luck

Mian Maqbool hasan
Congrats and Best of Luck

Mr Mubashir Aftab
Congratulations to all the Graduates!

Alveena Abid
Good Luck !!

Laila Rizvi

Anwar Ali
I wish the number of graduates and unemployment are negative correlated.

Nawaz Ahmed
Heartiest congratulations to all the graduates 2010!!.

Noor Saleem
Can’t Wait to graduate myself.

Ms Maryam Tariq
My best wishes to greenwicians

Mehrunisa Wasan
Greenwich University ROXX !! Good luck to all the graduates! You make Greenwich proud!!

Nida Shivani
Have a bright future guys. Show the world what Greenwich has made you!

Saqib Zahid Munir
A, very grand and well managed event. Congrats

Dr Parveen Ismail
It’s a very good occasion, best wishes to all graduates.

G.H. Khan
Best of Luck to all.

Mannawer Haideri
. Superb!!

Madiha Akbar
Hope for better and don’t forget your past.

Imran Rafiq
All the best to all the graduates

Umair Musthaq
All the best to all

Mahnoor Leghari
All the best to all graduates

S. Sidra Naseem
Great feeling! Thanks Greenwich University !!

Amna Saleem
It was a very nice convocation and well organized.

Zohra Khalid
It’s an achievement which could only be made into reality after real hard-work! It was a dream well achieved.

Naveed Ahmed Mughal
Thank you! Greenwich University was fun!!

Jihan Jaffer Sherazee
This is my best day of life and thanks to Greenwich for bringing this day to me. Today what I am is just because of Greenwich.

Mir Hammad
Loved it, everything was so perfect. Thank you for everything.

Murtaza Vaid
May God give us another University like Greenwich as to enable us to have intellectual class generation.

M. Athar Siddiqui
This day in my life is unforgettable. I will miss Greenwich a lot.

Aiman Irfan Ali
I loved being a graduate. It was unexpected and the most joyous one.

Kaunain Fatima
A brilliant event! And real fun while seeing people moving towards a new journey!.

Khadija Murtaza Ali
Most exciting event.

Arsalan Malik
Good show.

Iqbal Bashir Shaikh
Thank you! for all the opportunities you presented.

Ruby Dastur
Truly enjoyed.!!!

Sana Bhanji
Mind Blowing.

Kulsoom Shah
The master of the ceremony were great and receptionist are very good and helpful.

Muhammad Ghufran
Best of Luck.

Mohsin Vajmuddin
Good show.

Hussain Younus
Really enjoyed today. Best of luck to every one!.

Sarah Khan
Great ceremony and enjoyed very much.

Javed Akhtar
It was a lovely evening. Really enjoyed it.

Captain Asad Masroor
A well planned, well organized and memorable event. I am really impressed.

Mrs Irfan Javed
The experience was great.

Saad Mateen
Great Greenwich University

Great job.

Shayan Akhaq
Every time I wanted to get out of this place, but now I don’t want to.

The experience was good. Vice Chancellor is the best.

Zohaib Naveed
Wonderful journey.

Azim Iqbal
Had the best time of my life.

Shazia Liaquat
Hope Greenwich University always remains the best.

Zahra Karami
Greenwich Rox !!

Fahad Abdul Khaliq
Wish everyone good luck and hope they fulfill their future professional assignments

Shoaib Javed
Love you Greenwich !!.

Farooq Abbasi
All IZZ well that Ends well.

Tufail Muhammad
Phenomenal Experience! An extremely overwhelming function, will always treasure Good Luck & way to go Greenwich!. We love our university.

Maheen Farooq

Syed Fraz Bokhari
Thankful to everyone at Greenwich for such a lovely event.

Syeda Zainab Shah
Greenwich was a family to me after studying for 5 years couldn’t expect more, always bless Greenwich and hope it does change.

Waqar Wasim
Thank you! Greenwich for such a memorable event, worth the moment.

Muhammad Omar Hashim
It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience at Greenwich.

Rahat Ul Ain Shah
Nice grand setup!

Shahzed Sabir
Thank you everyone for such great event!

Komal Dewani
Thanks a lot to all the organizers of the event for making our graduation so memorable. Great show!!

Sumera Pirzada
Greenwich Rocks!

Saqib Muneer
I wish all the best to all the graduates for the best future.

S. Anwer Ali
Well wishes to all graduates.

Waqar Ahmed
I found education and hope at Greenwich University.

S.M. Zia Ali
I wish the best of luck to all the new graduates

Zahida Amin
Best of luck for the new students, all the best to all the graduates.

Bakhtiar Hasan
Best wishes to all the graduates

Amin R. Khan
Best wishes to all the graduates

Rukhsana Amir
It is most satisfying and happy occasion for the family.

Muhammad Saleem
Wishing all the best to all the students

Jasmeen Bandukwala
We wish great future for the graduating students.

M.H. bandukwala
Congratulations and best of luck! I am really proud of you and happy for you!

Saam Babar
I really appreciate.

Ahmed Mussa
Congratulations and best wishes

Mrs Tasawar Sajjad
Good Luck for future

Ovais Shakir
Good Luck to all.

S.Asad Abbas Jafer
Best of Luck. Put your best to achieve heights.

M. Khalil ur Rehman
Thank to Greenwich for my sons education.

Mr. Kamal Uddin Ahmed
Zeeshan is my younger brother and I am very happy that he is finally graduating.

M. Mohammad Khalid
Good arrangements.

Ali Khan
All the very best in all your future endeavors.

Snaula Khan
Snaula Khan

Farheen Ahsan
Best wishes for my husband on MBA degree. Best wishes for new graduates.

Ayesha Faraz
Do something positive always what you have already perceived.

Do something positive always what you have already perceived.
I wish all students good luck for their career.

S. Asad Jafar
I wish them best of luck and a prosperous long life.

I wish them best of luck and a prosperous long life.
I wish them best of luck and a prosperous long life.

Ms Azka Shah
Education is the key to success. We must work hard to spread education at any cost.

Education is the key to success. We must work hard to spread education at any cost.
Education is the key to success. We must work hard to spread education at any cost.

Fatima Asif
Amazing setup beautiful students at recession.

Faraz Ali Baig
Amazing work alone by the organizing committee.

Zohaib Sikandar
Zohaib Sikandar

Shahmeer Ahmed
Congrats to all

Fitabat Han
Wonderful program

Congratulations graduates for your life has just begun

Ajmal Ansari
Congratulates on your achievement.

R. Rodrigus
R. Rodrigus

Nabeel Naeem
Amazing experience.

Salman Mansoor
I will never forget Greenwich.

Waqas Farooqui
I am very happy today that I finally got a Masters degree. Thanks to Greenwich and my parents for every thing.

Shazia Zaman
I had a very great time at Greenwich University and I wish those graduates who had put their best to get this degree.

Abdul Qadir Saifuddin
I really feel proud be a part of Greenwich future.

M. Atif Zafar Ghaznavi
It was a pleasure studying at Greenwich university.

It was a pleasure studying at Greenwich university.
It was nice to see

Sanum Tahira
Lovely feelings.

Lovely feelings.
Out of this world experience!

Out of this world experience!
I had a great time teaching the undergraduates congratulations and all the best in your future endevours!

Nazish Mandviwala
I had a blast! The ceremony was amazing – exhilarating.

Mashal Khan
A life time memory which will be with me till I live.

A life time memory which will be with me till I live.
Thanks Greenwich

Umair Jalali
Love You Greenwich University!

Ozair Bari
Thank you Greenwich.I will miss my friends. I will miss my friends.

Sara Ishtiaq
Greenwich was a few of the best years of my life.

M. Abbas Sherazee
Greenwich was an experience what will always be remembered and everyone here will be truly missed.

Aaqib Awan
I love you all.

Ghufran Tahir
Greenwich Rocks!

Zeeshan Ahmed
Very Good Convocation.

Ghulam Hussain
It rocked!

Kulsoom Shah
It rocked.

Samer Beg
Will miss everyone and the time here.

Mishal Jawaid
Woo hoo.

Shahid Sharif
The legacy lives on

Ali Afzal
It rocked!!!

Alifiya Ghulam Hussain
Bless for years and years.

Zain Gondal
Thumbs up.

Mobib Billo
Convocation is best

M. A. Rab
Fly high after graduating

Huzaifa Sadiq
It was a memorable time

Muhammad Faraz Modi

Syed Fawad Basir

Umair Luqman
Excellent Convocation

Best of Luck for the future students and Greenwich staff.

Anam Iqbal
It was great experience being part of the university.

Mahnoor Leghari
Great convocation

Muhammad Ali Ilyas

Wajiha Sabwani

Zain Ali
Very nice.

Sandeep Kumar
Feeling proud to be part of Greenwich University.

Roshan Bakhtiar
Proud to be Greenwician once. Greenwich will always be proud

Asad Qasim
Awesome event

Avenash Loungani
Nice convocation, loved it

Khalid Bin Waheed
Great memorable event.

Usman Ilyas

Rija Miabhoy
Feel proud

Yasser Shivani
Great to be a Greenwician

Feld Abbasy
Feel proud.

Saqib Moten
Feeling awesome

Muhammad Naveed

Junaid Sakir
Proud to be a graduate

M. umair Bhurgri
Too good

Mustafa Godherwala

Sheeraz ul Hassan
It’s great moment, memorable. Thanks to God, University and my parents.

Junaid Ahmed Shaikh
Handled it pretty well.

Zohaib Islam
Nice convocation, as usual keep it up.

Jahanazeb Khan Kasi
Outstanding event . loved it.

Zurain Abid Khokhar
One of the best & biggest events of my life

Abu Huraira

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